Dip dye rugs

  rug2The thing about getting up even earlier than norm, 3.30 this morn, is the bad night before hand. I kept worrying that my alarm had not gone off so was forever checking. Also the two M's have just had their hair cut (too short if you ask me) but it means they are in the snugglest of moods so we had best snuggles ever last night. Not that Mung's could get much in, Maud won't allow him above knee level on the bed, but Fraudie and I snuggled all night long. Nice! I'm off to Paris on the first train out from Kings Cross for the day. Wish I could explain why but as soon as the paperwork has been signed off I will, it’s a super exciting collaboration that much I will say! Before going though I wanted to run this super simple DIY trick past you - at 3.30 in the morning I here you cry. Yes sir it’s never too early to think interiors! Maybe it is,  but hey! I came across this cool idea recently via Domainehome.com about dying a boring old rug that you would find in any store or charity store or flea and then dying it. To make it look cool you've got to dye it a fab colour - no point turning a beige rug into a brown rug, we want barbie esq pink, purple, saffron yellow those sorts of hues that get the adrenalin soaring! Fill up a plastic bowl or basin with liquid dye, soak until you’ve reached the right intensity and then let dry. How simple and how cool is that. You could go from this rug1 To this: rug I must run- have a train to catch, have a lovely day x  

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