Storage on wheels

Morning or afternoon I should say depending where you may be in the world. Busy working weekend for moi got to have breakfast out on both days but that was pretty much it. The rest of the weekend I knuckled down and got on with it. This week is probably one of the craziest to date, what with Christmas deliveries arriving almost everyday, I've got a new collaboration to work on as well as shooting my  Spring/Summer products for Debenhams (can't wait to show you guys) and at the same time designing a whole new Autumn/Winter 2014 collection for Debenhams - its crazy.  Crazy I tell you, I have to take it hour by hour otherwise that sick feeling you get low down in the stomach rears up.  As Billie Jean King says 'Pressure is a Privilege'! So I'll stop with the complaining and remember that! One of the deliveries we are expecting this week is a collection of cool freestanding carts, something I have been on the hunt for forever, as I don't ever seem to have enough storage space. What I love about carts is even if you don't say have the biggest kitchen or bathroom you can still fit in a narrow little unit which you can then tuck away under the table or shove in a corner. I'm planning on using the one I'm bringing home as a mini pantry to store lentils, pulses, nuts all the stuff that I've currently rammed into the kitchen cupboards. They can also double duty as a bar cart (perfect coming into the holidays), snuck into an alcove with a lamp, bottles of booze and a posy of flowers. Maybe I need two? Here it is, rather sweet don't you think? abc There are so many different routes you can go with this sort of storage, colourful, industrial, glam, I'm a little taken with the industrial as it works quite well with my kitchen which sort of mixes glam with boho but the possibilities are endless. abc1 Must fly,  to the gym. Would rather not but this week I'm attempting a healthy one, less coffee, no alcohol and good food. Take outs late at night because I'm too exhausted to lift a finger are not the way to go I'm thinking.

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