Sneak Peaks

Morning - bit an early one for me as its a long crazy one today but there you go. Lots of new products coming into the store on an almost daily basis, we shot some of them yesterday and I thought I would give you a sneak peak below. Oh and our new flowers have arrived although these we are not photographing until next week, but they will be in store from today (lunch time on) should you want to check them out. So we have some super cool heads for walls (some a little larger than others): Straw Fox Head Mini Moose Head Mega Moosehead I have to deviate slightly and show you this pic of Maud who had me in stitches yesterday when I unpacked this guy. For 20 mins she sat nose to nose staring at him, not moving a whisker - it was like some sort of stand off! mm I digress - we have some cute cute cute vases: Smile vaseOh and paperweights: paperweights square As well as a beautiful selection of t-lights, fluted galvanised vases, more amazing larder food, throws, cushions and a whole heap of other stuff that I haven't even got my head around yet! Holiday season has hit! Have a good day, see you later x

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