Rules - break them

Morning, its shoot day day! I've been up since 3.45 whizzing to the store, to the flower market to pick up some ivy, and now I'm about to start amassing all my props as we're shooting my spring/summer collection for Debenhams. More lamps, cushions, art, the cutest little table EVER, oh and an animal head for walls that knocks every other animal head out of the park - I reckon! Busy crazy day. Yesterday was also bonkers - with new products and new flowers in store its all looking rather beautiful.  We're shooting flowers next week so they will be up on the site as soon as. This morning I thought I would talk about something that I enjoy the most, breaking rules! Not to be gimmicky or on trend on whatever else you may think but purely because the more rules you break the cooler your pad becomes. It’s strange in a way that we set so many parameters I see this as an interior designer all the time. "I love that piece but its too big" clients say or "nothing matches won't it look messy' or "paint the ceiling dark, are you crazy"! Rules, rules, rules, rules we put up so many barriers and constraints it can get a little frustrating! Break them I tell you. Colours don't need to match (you only need to look to nature for that), furniture doesn't need to match you only need to look at show home interiors to see how depressing they are. Ditch the colour wheel (that was developed in the 18th century for painters, yep painters, we don't need to consult it), some people do but when they do the whole scheme feels way too considered and uptight, decorating by numbers I call it and I can clock it a mile off! I've just come back from the flower market and seen zingy lime green foliage hanging out with almost black/green foliage hanging out with blue green foliage - warm colours sit next to cool colours, nature doesn't worry about the orientation of a space and nor should we. The more barriers we put up the more boring our interiors become. Mix with wild abandon, styles, colours, textures, patterns, scales, shapes, periods and experiment I say. You don't get anywhere by sitting on the fence at least that is what I've found from personal experience. My pad below - no rules, no barriers its just called decorating from the heart! w w1 w2 Happy Thursday x

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