Creating a slumber zone

[caption id="attachment_5773" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Photography Damian Russell Photography Damian Russell[/caption] It's Friday yay hay. Exhausting week this week but good. We've gotten the new products in the store, the store (if I am allowed to say) is looking so cool right now I could move right in. Yesterday went well shooting the new spring collection for Debenhams,  its looking super fantastic infact I  had a hard job not sneaking the products home.  Having to wait until February is tough I tell you! I thought I might talk bedrooms today as I'm rather tempted to spend the whole weekend in mine with heaps of papers, books, coffee, a little music! Its not going to happen (planning on painting the front of the house, weather permitting) but I can dream right. So onto bedrooms, bedrooms need to feel relaxing and loungy so the minute you walk into them you've almost entered a different zone. You can do this by using lots of different textures, slubby throws against linen, fluffy rugs skimming floorboards that sort of thing. The more you mix up the textures the more intriguing your space becomes! Corner of my bedroom below - texture galore: [caption id="attachment_5774" align="aligncenter" width="408"]Photography Graham Atkins Hughes Photography Graham Atkins Hughes[/caption] Next up you will need focal points - not one as you learn about in design school more than one. So one wall in an eye catching colour maybe, or maybe  some cool lamp or headboard things that elevate the space to new heights. Buy bigger - small scale bedside tables or chairs make a bedroom look small.  Upscale,  as odd as this sounds (trust me) will make your room grow and feel grander if you buy bigger! Go dark - obviously!  Dark walls do the opposite of what everyone thinks -  they make small rooms feel bigger and big rooms feel cozier. Genius! Nothing softens a bedroom more than flowers or plants so any lonely little nook or corner you have - plonk in a plant! -->Ditch the identical. It’s far more interesting not to have matching cushions, bedside tables and bedside lights. Harder to find and get right but anything that takes work will end up looking and feeling far cooler otherwise its a bit like decorating by numbers. To confuse you further things like a matching pair of chairs at the end of the bed are cool since they are bigger pieces and will often ground the room.  Plus we want rooms to feel harmonious and not crazy right so you can easily match chairs I do it all the time. Add a closet. One of the best things we did to our bedroom was add a walk in wardrobe, yes it made the room smaller but it feels so much cosier. For years I dithered about doing it, stupidly concerned that I was being silly taking a big chunk of space out of the room - but its a game changer! My super stylish friends Graham and Jo Atkins Hughes have painted their wardrobes the most fabulous teal, when we were shooting in there yesterday for Debenhams I wanted to literally dive into that wall its such a sublime colou - see belowr: [caption id="attachment_5775" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Photography Graham and Jo Atkins Hughes Photography Graham and Jo Atkins Hughes[/caption] So there you have it, have a lovely weekend - my household is all still asleep which is rare I have to say considering it s 6.34! I am creeping around like a mouse so as not to disturb yet I need to wake the kids as they are off to school today as we both have meetings in town. 10 more mins I reckon then every one needs to get up!      

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