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Shoot day. Today we are photographing all our lovely flowers, cannot wait oh and a wreath that Gem has crafted which is amazing. I'm suffering a bit today as after the most exhausting week I stupidly thought it was a good idea (since the weather was lovely yesterday) to paint the front of the house. Having had builders both sides for two years the outside was looking super scruffy and with a class due on Saturday it was niggling away at me. So we did it as well as a ton of other stuff like gardening and unpacking deliveries and who knows what else - so I am tired today so tired. Which I can't be as it's G's birthday today and it is a big one so I have a cake to whip up, a fancy supper to cook, a house to light with a zillion candles, after shooting and the two M's haven't gotten him a present yet - so there is that to sort out! Which gets me onto the matter of the day - staff. We are expanding at the rate of knots with more strands to the business than I ever imagined and we need help! More specifically these jobs (there are actually two positions) are based in the store in N1 and you will be assisting our manager on all things store related as well as helping out the back office team here at HQ. You have to have an appreciation of design since we are all obsessed with it but you don't need to be trained in it just passionate about it. The full time position is Tuesday through to Saturday,  the part time position (four days is Weds through to Saturday), please send CVs to: and please mark which position you are interested in. I've got to dash to the store to pick some stuff up for the shoot and then back here to get it all ready. Have a lovely day! The pic below is an old one of our faux's these new hues are so autumnal and wintery I cannot wait to show you guys. If I have time I will post a few today although can't promise: app    

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