Thinking pink

Big day yesterday 22 shots we managed to take and the flowers look amazing! We will get them up on the site pronto! Wreathes, bouquets, single stems - hydrangea, peonies, eucalyptus, cool other foliage, roses to die for, ranunculus on and on I could go! Beautiful colours, punchy autumnal/winter hues that shout look at me. Super cool. Talking of colour and there is nobody better to quote then the queen of colour herself Ms Kelly Wearstler who says "living without colour is like living without love" Colour elevates the spirits that is why I am so obsessed. No matter how hard, long or how tough the day I moment I put the key through the door and walk into this space and I feel automatically happy. That is down to colour and the plethora of hues that run throughout.  There is nothing cheaper or more transformative than a can of paint! Seriously! When you are combining hues there are some tricks of the trade that have stood me in good stead. Such as having  one prevailing colour set the tone - the rest will follow. Each colour should have its own voice but they don't all want to be the same intensity and fight for attention. So if you are going for bold shots, add oodles of neutrals they will help you out big time. Also when it comes to using bold accents limit the number of them in a room otherwise it can feel crazy. Another pointer and I've said this before and will probably continue to do so until I'm at least 90 - look at unusual colours. Kelly combines pink and black a lot - super glam! Pink is a hue that scares a lot of people, it used to scare me as well but I think the trick with it is the combining it with a hue that makes it feel super grown up and glam very much like Kelly does below. pink1To further illustrate my point my sisters pad - showing both sides of her living room. One part is very  ta da with that bold punch of colour seen in the coffee table. the other side with the fireplace packs a punch with that similar dash of pink but in a subtler way.  Cool no? pink2

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