Ways to Redecorate

I think I may have just slept for 10 hours, so tired was I I hit the sack at 8.30 and have only just gotten up. Nice! I'm filming this afternoon for Debenhams with the two M's in their newly revamped flagship store in Oxford Street. There is a big VIP event in December when all the floors are revealed and all of the designers get together for a photo-shoot and evening event, which is super exciting.  Not quite sure how its  going to be working with Maud and Mungo they don't exactly follow instructions and I've never worked with them before so I am sort of dreading it a bit but hey we get picked up at lunchtime and off to town we 3 go!  So before all the baths and showers and primping and throwing clothes on the floor claiming I have nothing to wear (usual sort of scenario) I thought I might take some time this morn and talk about redecorating! If you're like me you are beyond impatient you'll be wanting to redecorate in like 5 minutes and want some big hitting results. Lets say you have a room or an area that doesn't quite work, it bothers you or stresses you out or makes you sad. Easiest thing that I do is put everything in a box or move it outside of the room so mentally your almost starting again. I tend not to throw or give away - this weekend a lamp I haven't used for years which has been sitting in the loft now suddenly works in the kitchen. If you clear the space mentally it helps the mind I find. So in no particular order here are some of the tricks I do: Re-arrange the furniture. You can refresh a space by moving furniture away from walls or angling pieces, simplest trick in the decorating book. Try adding shelves freestanding or otherwise, or a console. I reckon most rooms need a console it so helps them out as you can layer it up with art, lamps, books and it adds instant intrigue. Paint a wall a different hue.  You don't have to do the whole room but you can instantly transform a room at low cost (how many times a day do I say this) by simply changing the colour. wallAdd some art. Prints are cheap and enliven walls no end! And again the more layers you add to a room the more intriguing and tantalising it becomes. walls1Add flowers, add plants. Nothing else adds instant cheer. Posy on the coffee table, something on the mantle. Fresh, faux whatever takes your fancy. Triple your lights. Just when you think you have enough add a few more. After colour lighting is the second most transformative thing you can do. Have a lovely day, I've got the morning in the studio and then we are off! Wondering if I can get Mungy and Maud into a few other stores like Selfridges and Top Shop after filming.  If they are really good we might even go via Hamleys to pick out a treat, or a butchers (even better idea probably)!  

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