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Love Fridays, first of all its pizza and a movie night. Home made grain free cauliflower pizza no less, its delish I promise. You can throw it together in a jiffy no kneading or rising required its super yummy! pizzaSecondly its snugging down on the sofa night, with the kiddos who if the truth by told would rather be chasing foxes outside than snuggling with their mamma - but hey they have little choice!  Not sure on the movie choice yet, I'm hoping for something thriller ish! Which brings me neatly onto the topic of today - the TV. To conceal or not to conceal the TV that is the question? Where do you guys sit? Do you conceal so it pops out, drops down or slides out? Or is is simply sitting slap bang in the middle of the wall. The big no no for me at least is making the TV the focal point because I hate to say its darn ugly. When we lived Stateside lots of our clients had TV rooms which sort of solved the problem in that you shut the door on them, but then I found no one ever used their  living rooms, they became almost museum like so it actually didn't  really solve the problem. Plus the TV rooms had the largest sofa, the biggest sofas and that was it. Yuk! You can go so many ways as I've mentioned before. If you have pale walls the biggest game changer is to paint the one out behind the TV dark. Not because I am pushing you over to the dark side (although I would like too) simply because it cuts out the contrast. White walls and black TV's I reckon are a border line criminal offence. Luckily I'm not running for office so no one is going to jail. Luckily! You can also hide them in bookcases, put a shelf underneath and layer that up so it takes the attention away from the big black box, like so: TV2Or you can get it bit cleverer and do something like this: tv1 Or you can invest is a motorized track. I rather like the idea of having a track over the screen that a piece of art can sit on, you press a button and way hey the art slides away to reveal the TV, pretty clever. Auton apparently sell something called an Invis-o-track TV slideOr you could cover the TV with a motorized canvas painting. Its literally installed inside a slim housing that mounts at the top of the TV, the canvas rolls down over the screen on command from a remote control. When you’re ready to watch, another press of a button lifts the canvas into the housing.  Companies like  Media Decor and VisionArt (American) offer a variety of motorized artwork, but I'm sure you can get something similar pretty much anywhere! tv canvasDecisions, decisions. Have a lovely weekend, we're not working this weekend so its a two day break which hasn't happened in ages. Cannot wait!    

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