Tips for creating vignittes

Big thank you to start the morning to my lovely Design Class on Saturday, thank you guys for making the last class of the year so much fun, it was such a fabulous day. Today is also a rather fabulous day; I've got to shoot in a little while to a ribbon cutting ceremony in Oxford Street.  Debenhams flagship store officially opens today, they’ve spent millions on the refurb so although the outside of the building isn’t completed until early next year, and all the 7 floors inside are finished.  So myself and the other designers are there for a photo call plus ribbon cutting ceremony this morning and then back in the evening for a VIP drinks event. In between that I've got to whiz home and be photographed for one of newspapers - so it’s a little bit bonkers to say the least. Todays post is all about styling. Styling a room takes practice; even though I do it regularly I don't always pull it off instantly. Up my sleeve though I do have an arsenal of tips that I use time and time again, so with the holidays fast approaching and us all wanting our homes to look and feel amazing - here are some of them: TIP ONE - if you have a lot of small stuff going on on say a shelf or console in to order for it not to feel itty-bitty plonk it on a tray. It will ground your vignette and make it look and feel more way more important. trayTIP TWO - use books as part of your tablescape. I say this a lot and I do this a lot, books add pattern and texture but not only that you can plonk things on them which will vary the height of the display. TIP THREE - talking of varying the height if all your objects are the same height it will read as a big yawn. We want tall things next to small things, medium things next to tall things so use books to add height - a lively rhythm is basically what we are trying to create. TIP FOUR - no gaps. Repeat don't style a shelf, table or console with a lot of gaps in between it's so boring. Think of your vignette in a 3 dimensional way and cluster things together (remembering to vary the height). When you put small things next to tall things you will get that negative space that is so important in design and yet it looks way classier than plopping a vase then gap, a painting then a big gap, a mirror then gap - see what I mean. NO visual interest with gaps, after I've converted every one over to the dark side my next mission is to ban gaps! gapsTIP FIVE - bring in something tall it will help you out big time, mirrors, paintings, flowers anything with a tall vertical plus it will automatically give you that lively rhythm I've been banging on about. heightTIP SIX - light your focal point, where ever you have a surface put a lamp not only will it cast a beautiful glow it will softly enhance your vignette. lightTIP SEVEN - vary the texture with your accessories in the same way that you would with your furnishings. Glossy with rough that sort of thing. textureTIP EIGHT - groupings of odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye than even. That's a fact! 0Happy Monday x    

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