Some Decorators Tricks

Morning, I wanted to focus this morn on rooms that challenge us because of any number of things. Maybe its the awkward shape or maybe it because they are small or even (nice problem to have) they are too big. Maybe the orientation isn't quite right, fear not there are lots of things you can do to diffuse the situation. Firstly for any of these rooms maximise with mirrors especially for awkward shaped rooms or rooms lacking in space. Mirrors will reflect more light that will then make your space feel and look larger as they expand horizons and add depth. Go a step further and drape fairly lights over them in winter and then magic happens as the soft twinkly light (no low energy fairy lights I hate to say) looks amazing. I've heard but I've never done it that you can achieve this look below by simply using acid to the back of a cheap mirror, do let us know guys if anyone has done it. One last point if you can super size your mirror especially if your space is large or your ceilings tall it will make the room feel far grander than it really is! mirror Talking of over sizing things do it in all rooms - it's so vital. If your rooms are small please don't opt for small furniture have one piece maybe it’s a chair or extra large vessel that throws it out of the park. Petit furniture will make the room feel more diminutive. If you've got a large space you can add a few larger pieces to your space and play around with that scale thing. Below you will see how I've plonked a lamp (floor) on an ostrich table which is too small for it but that is the point. Remember with interiors we are trying to create as much friction as possible! Abbi005_0112 Focal points (as I am forever banging on about) are fundamental and at this time of year easy. We want three so one of them could be your Christmas tree; one of them could be some fab tinsel in a beautiful hue floating along a painting and another a large vessel of foliage.   Talking of tinsel B&Q does the most amazing red and purple tinsel (fat, fluffy and feathery) grabbed some the other day and its so beautiful I'm wrapping it all around my dog lights. I'll take a pic tomorrow when I'm in the studio and show you! I don't really want to say this worried that you guys will go her she goes again like some religious nut trying to convert us all but if you paint your walls dark whether your space is big, small, facing north, whether its in the country and up a mountain or in the city or by the ocean - dark coloured walls trick the eye creating a sense of expansiveness! It's life changing going dark - it's all  I'm saying on the matter! dark So there you have it a few decorators tricks. x

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