Some more decorating rules to break

Morning I thought we should be a little rebellious this morning and break some decorating rules. Anyone who comes to my Design School knows just how much I love the breaking the rules segment! Rules constrict and constrain us so do away with them I say especially when you read things like don't combine black with brown. I am a little obsessed with black and brown interiors they look so edgy. In fact I'm in the process of mixing up exactly that a paint which combines black undertones with brown all in one can! The key to having black in a room and brown in a room is to break it up a tad with the odd other shot, but it’s a truly beautiful combo! black Blue and green should never be seen! Say what - I love blue and green together in the same space. The trick is the level of pigmentation in each hue so you'll want to plump for highly saturated hues but as you see in nature they work beautifully together. greenAvoid multiple metallics. Why would we do that, you can totally put contrasting metals together like brass and silver. Again its all to do with ratio you don't want a ton of gold then the odd smidge of silver you will sort of want them to all  have an equal voice. Don't mix prints! Never listen to that rule - you can mix as many prints as you want if you reign in that colour palette - promise. patt The more barriers we put up the more conventional our homes become. Ditch barriers and experiment it’s only then that you'll create a home that you never want to leave!

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