Some wise words

In the last few days I've been finishing off the January issue of the journal. In it are lots of styling and decorating tips from how to style a shelf like a pro to different ways with bookshelves. The thing is though you never want your space to look like its been designed by a pro otherwise I think it tends to feel a little show homey. It is the hardest thing to pull off, making a whole bunch of different objects, furniture and art that come from different periods hang out together and look cohesive. There are of course tricks that help you do this, all of them in detail in the January issue. The biggest thing for me and I say this all the time is to style, design and decorate from the heart. We all tend to second-guess ourselves me included and as a result often times end up not doing things in case they for whatever reason won't work out. I reckon we should make 2014 the year that changes all that and do all those things we put off or think won't work. Paint something a different hue; wallpaper the loo in an enticing print. Re do the bathroom (that's for to me and stop procrastinating). My trainer once said to me when I confided in him about being scared regarding something 'at least you know you are alive'. He was right, it’s better to take risks and fail than to do nothing and sit on the fence. At least you've given it a go right, and most times it will work out amazingly well. Sometimes not, but then you pick yourself up and start again. To quote Mr Woody Allen If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sure sign that you’re not trying anything very innovative.’ An image below from Rue Magazine showcasing some risk taking ways with paint! p

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