Creating your own cocoon

a2A little bashed up this morning regrettably. Yesterday in the rain and despite a warning voice in my head about this being not such a good idea, I stood on a chair by the outdoor fireplace on a slippery terrace to tidy some foliage. Won't take a sec thought I which it didn't because as I stretched to tidy the chair went in one direction and I the other. Fell awkwardly on my butt which without boring you with too many details is beyond tender as is my back so I'm hobbling around the studio this morning feeling quite sorry for myself! Never mind hey, it will pass and at least it’s a good excuse not to go to the gym.  This morning I thought we should talk about creating a 'me area'. A space no matter how small or large that is totally yours. Yours to flick through a magazine, read, laze,  do as you wish.  A cocoon that envelops you with a feeling of snugness and that you can retreat to and like a good broth will restore the spirits instantly. The first thing you will need to do is address the lighting. Obviously its got to be practical  but not in a supermarket too bright kind of way. Task light for reading and then dimmable lights for mood I reckon is the way to go. Also a glow around the room will add oodles of atmosphere so don't just concentrate on the immediate area. Mess things up a bit. Sounds odd I know but if everything is clutter free and hotel stark it will feel sterile not comfortable. The odd bit of disarray feels homely and enticing. Heaps of books, candles that sort of thing. No rows of stuff, more haphazard think higgledy piggledy! Add textiles. Rugs underfoot, sheepskins over chairs anything super soft will look and feel instantly cosy. I say this quite a bit but choose the most comfortable chair you have for this area one that invites after dinner lounging - essential for relaxing, the more comfortable looking the furniture the more comfortable you will feel. After those essentials customize to suit. A bar maybe? a1 Some music? a Perfect I say  

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