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Morning, our kitchens are going to be getting a bit of a work out next week, cooking those big important meals entertaining friends, family, neighbours with enticing mouth watering dishes (we hope) so I thought we should concentrate on them for a sec. I've spoken about them before of course banging on about the importance of open shelving and what not but here are a few other little ideas that will elevate them to new heights. I should say that so often we neglect this space leaving it alone when it comes to those personal touches so often times they feel a bit undesigned. It's the personal touches that will elevate it taking it from purely functional to utterly beautiful. Take mine for instance on the island I've got a Christmas tree simply strung with white lights and wait for it (tinsel) a huge bowl of apples, some t-lights and little heaps of books and it looks so sweet! If I could I would be hanging out there all day long.I can't I have work to do so without further ado some tips below some small some big: To make your counter top more stylish replace a boring old plain Jayne water catcher beneath your drying rack with a cool tray. I don't have a drying rack everything normally just gets shoved in the dishwasher, but I'm tempted especially looking at this image! counter topUse your vertical space especially if your kitchen is small. Display cooking essentials, as you will see from the image below you don't have to have super fancy utensils! When I worked with Heston on his TV show I learnt how important it is to have everything around you so I've got jugs containing spoons for stiring and folding out on the counter top. Salt and pepper is always decanted in lovely little dishes and sits  next to the stove as do many of my oils so most things are instantly accessible plus they add those all important layers. kitcDifferentiate your kitchen by adding a table no matter how small or large the kitchen it snuggles it up and can serve as extra space during the hols. Take it one step further and hang a chandelier or pendant over it. You can hang it much lower than anywhere else in the house. kitchenDrape fairy lights everywhere especially at this time of year. You will see from mine below (although its all changed and I've no longer got those apple crates) just how sweet they are simply strung over things. mineHappy cooking!

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