Abigail Ahern

Gift wrapping nailed

The Sunday Times, Style Magazine asked me to wrap a few gifts 'Abigail style' recently which they very beautifully featured in the mag on the weekend. If you missed it and are stuck for a bit of inspiration when it comes to wrapping then check out below. I'm not the best wrapper and I'm time poor so I did something I could throw together quickly but looks the bees knees! I also wanted two different vibes a rustic vibe and a glam vibe depending on the present inside - check out below: For the first box I whizzed to the flower market and brought stripes of tree bark which I stapled to the box , then wrapped around it with string and embellished with some of our foliage. Peppercorns that have been sprayed gold sit on top a circle of wire hidden by our berried ivy. Simple no? 1-IMG_0006-002The second box is super easy. The paper is from paperchase I wanted something bright but with depth, the orange ribbon is from the flower market and then a little cluster of our faux flowers from the store sit on top. 3-IMG_0038-002Donezo!

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