Happy Christmas

A big end of year thank you to everyone who reads this blog. I get asked a lot ‘why get up so early just to write a blog’  but its you guys that make it so very worth while. Nothing makes me happier than hearing how people have dared to decorate differently whether that’s with paint, furniture, scale you name it and its worked and looks amazing.  I love hearing your stories, or helping out if you’re worried about stuff.  Yes its a little early, creeping down the stairs just after 5am each morn to quietly write nothing but a candle and single desk lamp on (very Dickensian) no?  Not forgetting of course a shot of the yummiest coffee but you guys make it so worthwhile. I feel like we have the best little community, when I say little millions of people from all over the globe read the blog so its not quite so little. It feels like the coolest club, in a sea of beige haze blandness where interiors feel so samey we are quietly and rather successfully shaking up the decorating world. Happy holidays wherever you may live in the world, and here’s to another year of decorating differently, breaking rules and converting across to the dark side. If you haven’t already done so already that is. If not why not? Kidding (kind of) v Happy holidays back Jan 2 xx

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