Happy New Year

Happy New Year guys. It’s seemed both ages since I blogged but also strangely passed by in a whiz. I hope everyone who celebrated the holidays had a lovely time off. We had time off but not exactly relaxing – we’ve painted solidly for 2 weeks now and have only managed to reach my studio. The idea of getting the whole house done in the hols was overly optimistic. I’ve been up scaffolding towers, ladders; you name it painting painting painting. Managed to get repetitive stress syndrome in my right hand which is beyond painful and has been keeping me awake at night so much so I'm not supposed to paint. However I just need to get the studio floor sorted and then I can take a breather.  Today is the last day of it before the team return to HQ so I'm on pain killers to dull the pain. Not good hey! The SALE has just now started in the store and will run for the next three weeks. 20% off lights, accessories, 15 % off design classes etc etc. For anyone ordering on line you'll need codes which I  shall give you guys tomorrow. I'm a little useless with that stuff so as soon as the tec team arrive tomorrow they will sort it pronto! So any new years resolutions? I was thinking that 2014 should be the year to decorate differently, take the plunge or the odd risk.  I figured this when painting the house.  I was in my comfort zone with the hues I had selected for here.  Many of them the same colour in each of the rooms. Now I’ve pushed it above & beyond the rooms are looking A MA Z I NG. I can’t actually believe the transformation.  Confession time  - I did what I tell you guys not to do, I got scared after the first coat,  I nearly quit and painted it back and I can't tell you how many times I said 'I'm not sure not sure not sure! However I stuck with it and when I started layering it up magic happened. SO much so that 2 nights ago I sat in the hallway on the floor with a glass of wine, back against the rad in my pj's (the two M’s both trying to sit on my lap) looking into my new studio. It is the best its ever looked. It is not easy stepping out of ones comfort zone but all I would say on that front is  - if you don’t do it you have no idea what you’re capable of – I certainly didn’t. Lovely to be back by the way - oh and check out the new front page going on our website today- it picks up on some of the new hues I'm painting the house - deep blues, brown blacks and the most amazing clayish pinkish brownish colour. Sounds odd I know - trust me! janhome

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