Mashing things up

I think decorating only makes the heartbeat faster when you mash up the styles. For example in my new totally black studio I’ve got a masculine chair covered in tweed and velvet (super grown up) next to one of my poodle lamps sitting atop an ostrich table. Say what? Stay with me it’s the very mingling of styles - dark, sultry, sophisticated grown up, juxtaposed with a bit of odd ball that actually makes you feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole into an alternate world. When I decorate I want to take you on a visual journey. An adventure really. I want you to enter this magical world so you feel like you sipped a potion at the door and suddenly you’re – you don’t know where. I’m pushing your senses with scent, sound, touch I’m playing around with scale I’m contrasting everything but at the same time keeping it super relaxed and totally laid back so you feel you can go plop down on one of the chairs and order a double bourbon! Coming up mam! I guess what I am trying to say is you can totally create you own trends, your own way of decorating. If you want to partner cowboy with Gustavian Romance go for it. Or Georgian with a bit of bad boy eclectic – do it. Having spent two weeks mashing, mixing everything up moving pieces of furniture around from room to room swapping out the art, adding more lights I feel like I’ve taken this space to the next level. Not that I’m done yet two more floors to go but the floors that have worked marry a multitude of periods. A mash up is the way to go I reckon, harder, more difficult to achieve but if you pull it off I promise you you’ll never want to leave, not ever! Even walking the two M’s the other day with all their pottering, sniffing slow meandering around the park I was like guys come on – we’ve gotta get home! It is after all where my heart is! 1 1a

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