The 24/7 Kitchen

magnetMagnet asked me and a whole host of other contributors recently our top trends for kitchens. The kitchen being probably the most important room in the house – we eat, hang out, do homework, entertain so it has many roles. The tough part I find is turning something that is super practical into something that oozes personality and doesn’t disconnect with the rest of the space. So one of my trends is the 24/7 kitchen. By this I mean creating a space where you literally WANT to hang out in any hour of the day. To do this you will need to adapt the space somewhat. Over the years my kitchen has totally changed from being a sterile white space with nothing much in it to being a space I now want to hang out in day and night. When you start adding bits of furniture say a chair in the corner or a console as I’ve recently done across the window it changes things up. It’s here that I sit, write recipes, sip coffee stare at the front garden, dream up new planting schemes. I also added 50’s vintage bar stools to the kitchen island, having designed the kitchen way before realising the importance of furniture and stuff there is no where to actually put your legs should you decide to hang out here but hey I’m not the most practical of designers! You adapt by simply sitting on an angle! It’s here that I perch in the evening with a glass of wine while watching something bubbling on the stove. Perhaps the biggest game changer has been the accessories. As a result my kitchen is no longer that practical zone it once was. See below, I can't believe it actually ever looked like this but it did, boring as hell! magn It now looks like this: Abbi009_0208Filled with chandeliers, art, flowers, rugs, candles so rather than just whizzing in and rustling up a meal I actually want to hang out in it all day long. This  morning just after writing this mornings blog post, I made  coffee did my Ocado order and knocked up some soda bread for lunch! Oh by the way if you’re looking for a new kitchen Magnet have a massive sale on (

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