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Little bit of newsy stuff first to kick start the morning. The Design School has completely sold out for Jan and Feb is quite close to being shut down so if you are thinking of coming along best book fast, plus with the sale on there is 15% off.  For all those coming along next Saturday a little warning - we won't be finished regrettably with the revamp.  Hopefully the first 3 floors will be completed (fingers crossed) - but certainly not the fourth. Nor the hallway, funnily enough I have just written about cool ways to revamp your hallway for Rated People this month. Click here to read the article.Mine which looked quite cool until we started this project has been pilleged. Artwork which once lined the walls has  gone elsewhere leaving big gaping holes. Must sort that out! Actually I wanted to run an idea via you guys for my next plan for the store. The larder has been the greatest success, grab n go foods likes pickles, pesto’s, pastas, the best olive oils, mustards and so forth, flew out over the holidays. With the store closed over the hols and us working who knows what hours painting I used it as my personal grocery store, pulling up at all hours and grabbing stuff. What I think is missing and what I’ve found rather hard to find for my own kitchen is cookware – well-crafted cookware. We’ve touched upon it in the larder with beautiful sauce pots, storage jars, and trays but I’m talking tagines in the inkiest of blacks, cheese boards hand thrown from clay, wibby wobbly platters, a tightly curated selection of sourced goods that look as good on the counter as they do in the cupboard. What do you think? In my next life I want to potter in the kitchen all day, cooking listening to radio 4, keeping bees, doing a spot of gardening that sort of thing. I may or I may not get out of my pyjamas – I’m thinking I won’t but don’t hold me on that one! Anyways those are my thoughts I’m not talking gimmicky cookware in bright hues almost traditional pieces, primarily made of clay that are for the everyday so familiar and comforting but also that arose curiosity. Good plan do you think? Oh and an image below of our mustards which I am a little obsessed with, walnut mustard, chilli mustard and basil mustard - yum yum. Talking of obsessed over the holidays I cooked a recipe by the fabulous Heston Bluementhal which everyone loved. So right now I'm going to whip up his soda bread for lunch which I shall eat with think slivers of salmon and winter leaves! Give me 15 minutes and the whole house will fill with the scent of bread (plus with soda bread there is no kneading, proving or any of that malarkey). Mix then bake. Want some? sausages

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