Start small

You know how last week I was banging on about New Year new home, endorse change, think horizontally think laterally that sort of thing? Well when I was skimming Pinterest recently I came across a whole host of the yummiest food pics. Guess what the common link was? All presented on dark tableware. So here is my pitch.  If you are thinking of converting across to the dark side and are worried whether it would work maybe your house faces the wrong direction, or its to small, or maybe to big, or its in the city or in the sticks who knows. My point is fear not. Dark backgrounds create magical happenings just look at this food. Imagine your home could and will  look this good – dark colours make everything look good soooo much more amazing. Start small with an alcove, one wall, a window frame and watch what happens - nothing short of magic. b a Need convincing further?  Nope thought not.

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