Affordable ideas that add flair

Style has nothing to do with money we all know that right. Money helps of course, but you only have to check out certain publications to see how often times it's as restricting as not having much. When you have pots of the stuff its not about seeking out how cool something is its all about how expensive something is. My first project when working in the States a while back was a bedroom renovation. Budget $100K. I remember thinking what if we come in a lot less than that. That apparently was not an option! Anyways this morning I thought I would yabber about some affordable ideas that don't cost  thousands but at the same time add instant flair. When I'm doing things on a budget the big trick for me is to make them not look so. Whenever anyone comes to the house they assume we have spent zillions. Yes with certain things we have, but in many cases we haven't it just looks like we have. It takes creativity and skill but anyone can have a stylishly fabulous home. So here's how: Add shelves. Nothing cozies up a room like a bookcase or a series of shelves. If you can carry the shade of the walls onto the shelves even better as it blurs the boundaries and actually makes the space look bigger than it really is. shelvesAdd art. If you cluster pieces together you can transform a plain old wall into something spectacular.  Now I say this a lot but when you group paintings together your eye looks at the installation as a whole, not individually which means that if you happen to have cheaper art it totally holds its own. artwallWallpaper something. A loo, a small nook but be daring with the print it will add a magical note of the unexpected. bathrAdd a feature wall. They get get a bad rap in this industry, sneered upon as being very starter home ish and rather out, I say ignore the naysayers and add them. I like what they do which is they add special attention to an area. The trick of course is to draw attention to an area worth highlighting. I think in the past people were perhaps randomly picking walls to paint or paper in a different colour without thinking about the rest of the space - hence the sneered upon attitude. However if you can tie the wall into your scheme it won't feel so aliented. meSo there you have it a few ideas on a Tuesday morning easy to implement and super stylish. Oh I nearly forget. FLASH SALE today at midday. Lots of things, one off display pieces, end of line that sort of thing at fabulous prices, live at 12 x

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