I am a little obsessed with shelving. If you guys happen to have read our latest JOURNAL (went live yesterday) you'll see there are lots of tips and tricks for styling them up. Why  am I such a fan, well they instantly make a space feel homely. My studio where I'm sitting now is now the cosiest room in the house since I've painted it darker. Filled to the brim with mags, reference books, accessories, stuff basically and  I absolutely adore it! Great for large spaces, bookcases or shelves anchor the space and cosy them up making them feel more homely than they really are. The great thing is you also don't need a big fat budget to pull it off. My studio bookcase is constructed from MDF with beading at the front to make it  look a little grander. Yes you need a labourer or carpenter for the day but that is pretty much it. Stores like Ikea, or any of the DIY chains sell floating shelves,  these guys fixed skirting board around the front edges to theirs to fatten them up and then painted it all out. Clever no? shelf1 These guys have softened a large space with a freestanding bookcase s2Loads and loads of tips on the  journal about styling them up: s3

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