Flash sale LIVE at 10

Yesterday was a crazy day. I had a heap of work to get through in the studio, a builder in the house because I've just gotten 2 new chandeliers for the store (but double ordered for the house because they are BEYOND beautiful) and the two M's were at their naughtiest! Simple day thought I - chandeliers won't take long to hang and wire. Wrong - walls had to be chiselled out to feed wires, all my newly painted walls! Plaster dust everywhere! Graham is working on the bedroom redoing our wardrobe so he was up and down the stairs with great panels of MDF, people kept knocking at the door every two seconds, deliveries, friends of the builders, Mungo and Maud barking, going crazy walking in plaster dust. By the end of the day I was done in. Sat down to watch a new interiors show  (that will cheer me up thought I) wrong! Bad, bad bad. I don't get why there aren’t any cool interior shows on TV? When one of the presenters mentioned it wasn't a good idea to match floor paint to walls I reached for the whisky! Seriously?  Come on that is one of the coolest things you can do? Shouldn't presenters and programmes transport us to spaces we didn't think we could possibly pull off. Break them down, demystify, impart tips of the trade, educate and give us the confidence to give something new a go like the cool food programmes do. Instead everything is middle of the road, and blah! No skipping of the heart beat, no replaying the segment because the spaces are so darn cool you want to pull them off yourself. Guess those average bland looks sell right, not too out there to turn off viewers! Except we don't get that with food programmes so why interior ones? Anyways lets focus on something more fun. Our flash sale goes live today at 10am with a whole heap of our dog lights. All seconds and all 50%! Yippee day. I'm pretty obsessed with the poodles as you will see below sitting right here in my studio on top of 2 ostrich tables! coverOh and regarding tomorrow there may or there may not be a blog post. The alarm goes at 4am as I have to be at King's Cross for 5 so if  I have time to pack this eve I'll do one. If the day turns into something similar to yesterday its unlikely. In case I don't have a good weekend, I'm off to Paris on a buying trip back Monday x

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