Thinking a little differently

Leaving one's comfort zone is not easy. Period! Take here for example deciding to change the whole colour palette throughout the house with each room a different hue has probably been one of the hardest decorating decisions I've made. Everything used to be grey - down pipe grey, except it kept bugging me and only looking cool at certain times of the day. Plus as I transitioned through the house I wanted it to feel cohesive but each space have a slightly different vibe. We're not finished yet but the end is in sight thank God! Its been challenging on so many levels not purely because of the colour change but also because accessories that I thought would work and could remain in each space have had to move; rugs, lights, flowers, their colours not quite right with the new palette. Luckily they’ve only moved rooms but its taken a while to get it right and its still not 100 per cent there. But I like how it’s making me think. I like how tones I have never loved or used, have overlooked and dismissed colours like plum, grape, purple reddish tones are entering into my life. I like how they are making me think differently. Colours like this for example : bgrapeAnd its not just about the colour on the walls its the furnishings as well.  How cool is this red table? btableHow many of us would actually think of buying such a thing? You can see the rest of the images on the space is designed by Elodie Sire. She used multiple colours in rooms and I think its incredibly interesting. b1Have a lovely weekend, won’t tell you what we're up to, sure you can guess! Although there are nice things in the mix like breakfast at Borough, an afternoon trip to the farmers market so its not all bad!

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