Abigail Ahern Paint Range launching spring 2014

I am so very excited to announce that I am launching my very own paint range! It’s a capsule collection of the most wonderful hues. All dark (obviously) with a few brights in the mix as well. Being totally obsessed with the dark side I was becoming a little frustrated with the choice out there. Colours I could see in my head I couldn't find on the market and it’s taken a while to nail them but nail them we have. Subsequently in March we launch the most beautiful collection of dark hues ever seen on the market! This house has been my laboratory I've completely changed each and every room (still not right at the top floor yet but nearly there). I've become as obsessed with paint as I am about coffee (obsessed)!  I wanted a range that had nuances of colour within each hue. Cheap paints can't do that because they are made from synthetics these are made from pigments from the earth. So grey has undertones of green, black undertones of brown, red undertones of black, olive undertones of brown, brown undertones of pink.  Layers of colours within one hue if that makes sense. I also wanted them to feel like velvet when applied to walls, flat so so flat with such depth that some evenings I've just sat and looked at the wall colour I kid you not. It launches in the spring, March actually and next week we plan to paint the store out in them. Cannot wait to show you guys its one of the most exciting thing I have done.  The colours that I previously had in here have faded into insignificance I've been shocked that I once loved them so much. I guess its a bit like finding a new boyfriend, or I don't know a new car you're like what did I see in the other one!  Not that I’ve done either but you know what I mean right! Here is a mock up of the tin, we are still tweaking so it's not the finished version but nearly: AA paintOh and if any of you guys are retailers and want to stock the range the email to write to is sales@abigailahern.com Happy happy Monday!

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