Talking kitchens

  Thank you so much for all your amazing feedback on my new paint range. Overwhelmed with the response thank you guys. Today is a little bonkers quick whiz to the store, the gym, tidy of the house for a photo shoot and more so excuse me for being quick this morning with the post. I wanted to talk kitchens, more specifically how to make them cool. Open Plan storage as I say many a time is essential we all know that right? If everything is behind closed doors it reads as boring whereas if you have shelves or a dresser or bar cart you'll immediately adding interest! Lighten up. Lighting like colour is a game changer. Think under cabinet lighting, think table lights on islands and chandeliers above stoves! It will transform your kitchen no end. Lastly take a moment to step back and see what's missing. I moved a plant from one room onto the kitchen counter and although it’s the smallest change it's totally revamped the island. I've layered cutting boards like a back splash almost against the wall. Decanted all the fruit into big bowls or slate platters and although super simple is those little details that take it from drab to fab! ab

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