Restrict the colour palette

Morning, how is it Wednesday already? Crazy. I get asked rather a lot my top tips for creating an eclectic interior. Eclectic interiors whilst super popular are actually the hardest ones to pull off.  Since nothing matches and since it’s all got to make perfect sense its tough getting them to look cohesive.. Making a home feel lived in, comfy, squidgy, and tantalising whilst pulling from a plethora of different time periods is nerve-racking stuff. The biggest trick though is reigning in the colour palette. Do that and you will find you will be able to mix anything with absolutely anything? I'm looking at my mantle piece right now and the palette of the pieces on them is grey (concrete vase, pelican lamp and stone bust) gold, another bust (bit obsessed with them) and a black vase. It's restrained. I've notched it up with a pop in the flowers but that is pretty much it. So if your room happens to not be working so well, or a nook or even a  shelf then restrict the colour palette. In an instant you’ll create harmony but also interest! It's a game changer. Trust me. I have had the biggest struggle accessorizing the newly painted out rooms because before I had way more colour in them. Now because the wall colours have more depth as  well as layers of colour within they have taken center stage.  The pieces in the room don’t need to shout for so much attention, the odd one does but its certainly restricted which I am kind of loving. When I first put everything back in (all the old stuff into the newly painted rooms)  it felt crazy, bonkers, uncomfortable - I had to run out of the space, sit down and figure what was going on! It was only when I pulled everything out again and I mean everything and slowly one by one-added things back in  this this very common thread appeared. Restricted colour! Easy when you know how no? A couple of images to inspire: ccSee what happens when you restrict the palette. cc2Oh and guess what I have  glasses. I've never worn classes before but for reading I need them and computer work apparently if I am spending longer than a few hours at the screen.  I think they are rather sexy big black frames very non girly except when I take them off my eyes keep going blurry just for an instant - maybe that's because I've only warn them for like 5 minutes. Today is trying out the new glasses day, whilst attempting to look super cool!

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